Samsung TVs to add Intel WiDi for wireless streaming from PCs

Samsung Intel WiDi 

Windows PCs running Intel’s latest processors with WiDi (Wireless Display) built in will be able to stream content directly to Samsung TVs, which will support the technology, the two companies announced.

WiDi will be fully integrated into the TVs, removing the need for a third-party adapter when making  a connection with a PC streaming the content. The Wi-Di-enabled TVs should be coming to market by the end of the year.

This isn’t the first time Intel has made a deal with a major TV manufacturer. Samsung’s rival, LG, was the first to integrate WiDi into some of its TVs that came to market last year. About 10 million TVs from LG, Toshiba and TCL already have WiDi, but that number could double now that Samsung is in the mix. There’s no word on whether future announcements regarding the technology are pending with other manufacturers, but Intel has indicated that it wants to put the technology in smartphones and tablets.

Though Apple Macs have Intel chips, the company has shunned WiDi, opting instead to develop its own proprietary AirPlay standard.

Just this week, Microsoft revealed Windows 8.1 would include support for Miracast, a wireless format meant to compete with AirPlay, which uses Wi-Fi Direct connections to stream media from a computer, smartphone or tablet over to another display device, like TVs and in-car infotainment screens. Even AV receivers could potentially be Miracast-enabled. Device manufacturers would have to ensure Miracast support is included, and Google has supported it since launching Android 4.0.

The movement to cut out wires in the living room looks to heat up further now that TV manufacturers are embracing them just a little bit more.

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