Samsung to unveil its s[edition] art-gallery app at Wired 2012

samsung to unveil its sedition art gallery app at wired 2012 damien hirstIt’s difficult to appreciate art through a photograph. Details often get lost in translation and great art has a certain presence that is rarely captured through a camera. That won’t stop Samsung from trying, though. The company will be showcasing its new s[edition] app this week at WIRED 2012.

The application allows users to view and buy contemporary art and is named after an origination that’s merging contemporary art and media. Despite our reservations, with resolutions on the upswing once again and TVs that do more than just television, now seems like as good a time as any for a virtual art gallery.

Samsung hopes to avoid the pitfalls of digitally reproduced art via its Micro Dimming Ultimate and Precision Black technologies, which it claims can optimize color and detail. The company also thinks its barely-there bezel will help effectively showcase beautiful works of art. 

Whatever the case may be,  it’s pretty cool to be able to just browse and see what strikes your fancy. The App will be available for free on Samsung 2012 Smart Interaction enabled models.