Samsungs Warns that 3D TV May Cause Health Risks

We have all heard that too much TV can rot your brain, but now it appears that those warnings may be justified. In a press release issued today, Samsung is warning certain groups that viewing 3D television might cause the following problems:samsungs warns that 3d tv may cause health risks samsung 2233rx 20090109 600512x288

“(1) altered vision; (2)lightheadedness; (3) dizziness; (4) involuntary movements such as eye or muscle twitching; (5) confusion; (6) nausea; (7) loss of awareness; (8) convulsions; (9) cramps; and/ or (10) disorientation,” the press release said.

It also went on to warn against the use of 3D TVs if you have a history of epilepsy and/or stroke, are pregnant, under the influence of alcohol, or are elderly. It also stated that wearing the sunglasses in direct sunlight may be harmful to your eyes.

This could be bad news for people that have already shelled out several thousand dollars for one of the newly released Samsung or Panasonic 3D TVs, or it could simply be a preemptive warning to avoid any and all potential lawsuits stemming from the use- or perhaps overuse- of 3D viewing.

With the interest in 3D TVs rising and more manufacturers joining the fray, expect to see more of these warnings in the coming days, and likely more studies on the effects of 3D TVs as well.