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Sceptre bolsters its Roku-ready line with an energy-efficient 50-inch LED HDTV

sceptre energy efficient 50 inch led hdtv

Despite the “budget brand” reputation of California-based electronics producer Sceptre, the company has been packing a bit more value into their products than we’re used to seeing, as with the SoundPal, a versatile Bluetooth speaker. Now the company has upped its own ante with a 50-inch LED HDTV that is so energy efficient, you’ll only spend about $17 each year to power it, according to the company’s press release.

Such a release gives Sceptre a push of momentum that could help propel the company forward and contribute to making the brand a more recognized name.

In spite of its unwieldy name, the 1080p X505BV-FMDR TV really is a bargain at $700.  The set doesn’t appear to be particularly thin, but it can be easily wall-mounted, and sports a budget-buy defying three HDMI ports.

The fully-integrated “Roku-ready” feature means users won’t need to purchase a full-on Roku set-top box; Roku’s $50 Streaming Stick will work just fine via the X505BV’s MHL-enabled HDMI port, allowing control of the Roku’s funtions through the television itself. Sceptre appears to have opted for a Roku-ready television instead of packing its own apps and Wi-Fi capabilities inside – likely a wise move for a company with little experience in developing smart TV software. 

This new Sceptre TV’s $700 price-point will likely go down as we approach the back half of the year, meaning it should compete nicely against similarly priced models with fewer features. 

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