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Sennheiser brings AirPlay 2 to Ambeo soundbars with Ambeo OS

Sennheiser is rolling out a major software update for owners of its Ambeo soundbars. Known as Ambeo OS, once installed, it will add Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, and Tidal Connect capabilities to these massive home theater speakers. Since the Ambeo already supported Chromecast built-in, it now works with virtually all wireless streaming technologies and providers.

The German audio brand is also releasing an update of its Smart Control mobile app, which can now connect to the Ambeo over Wi-Fi, instead of Bluetooth, which the company says will provide a faster and more responsive user experience. Smart Control can be used to adjust a variety of settings on the Ambeo, including EQ parameters. However, Ambeo OS also introduces a new, web-based interface that lets folks exert that same level of control from any computer that sits on the same home network.

Sennheiser's Ambeo Soundbar.

Smart Control is also used by Sennheiser to provide settings access to the company’s line of wireless headphones and earbuds. These devices are getting a modest upgrade too, via new features in the Smart Control app. User profiles will let you save all of your settings and transfer them to new Sennheiser gear. Meanwhile, Sound Check is a new three-step wizard that is designed to help users access the best EQ presets for their listening tastes.

Finally, Sound Zones lets you assign specific combinations of EQ, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), and transparency mode to physical locations like your home, office, or gym. When the Smart Control app senses you’ve arrived at one of these locations, it can automatically switch your settings preferences.

Earlier in 2022, Sennheiser teased the fact that it was working on a new, smaller version of its Ambeo soundbar, for release sometime this year. The company has also recently gone through a restructuring that saw its consumer audio division sold to hearing aid manufacturer, Sonova, in a move that Sennheiser’s CEO said would bring major advancements in the hearables device category.

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