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Sennheiser unveils gaming-focused audio amplifiers and new gaming headsets

Sennheiser is no stranger to offering audio gear, but the company seems to be offering more and more to gamers as of late. The company proved this at Gamescom last week with the introduction of the first in a new line of gaming headsets and two new audio amplifiers aimed at those who want to take their gameplay to the next level.

“We’re very excited to be bringing a new range of products to Gamescom that reflect Sennheiser’s deep commitment to gaming,” director of sales & marketing for Sennheiser gaming peripherals Tim Völker said in a statement. “From the GSX 1200 PRO amplifier that’s designed specifically for eSports tournaments to the GSP 300 headset that offers a significant step up for gamers, we are making gaming more immersive through superior sound.”

Both the new GSX 1000 and GSX 1200 Pro amplifiers use Sennheiser’s brand new Binaural Rendering Engine to offer an immersive audio experience delivered through the user’s headphones. There is no need to install additional drivers to use either amplifier, and the integrated DAC (digital to analog converter) and 7.1 Surround Algorithm aim to give gamers excellent positional awareness, the key to making it to the end of the round alive.

Both amplifiers offer integrated LED-lit displays, whose style the company says was inspired by the displays found in fighter jets and high-performance cars. The amplifiers offer a wide range of EQ settings and use two separate USB connections to keep game audio and the signal used for communication with teammates separate, allowing for each to be adjusted individually. The GSX 1200 Pro goes a step further with eSports-focused features like Chat Link, which allows up to eight units to be hard-wired for instantaneous communication.

While pros and eSports enthusiasts will likely be drawn to the company’s recently introduced PC 373D headset, Sennheiser is aware that not everyone wants to spend $260 on a gaming headset. That’s why the new GSP 300 aims to offer top-notch performance at a more affordable price point.

Despite the lower price tag, Sennheiser hasn’t skimped on features, and one of the most useful features of the PC 373D — the ability to instantly mute the microphone by raising the boom arm — is available on the GSP 300, too. Other features include a ball-joint hinge for a comfortable fit and inline volume control on the right ear cup.

“The GSP 300 is the first headset to introduce an exciting new style to our gaming range,” Sennheiser gaming product manager Andreas Jessen said. “This pure design philosophy starts with a single-minded focus on supporting the gamer, blending rugged durable design with the features and performance that gamers have come to expect from Sennheiser. The GSP 300 delivers a significant upgrade to your audio, and lets you hear the game as it was intended.”

All of these products will be available beginning at the end of September, with the GSP 300 gaming headset selling for $100, while the audio amplifiers are a little more pricey. The GSX 1000 will retail for $230, while the GSX 1200 Pro will sell for $250.

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