Sennheiser ie800 up the in-ear ante to $1000

Sennheiser ie800

Sennheiser is a company that likes to be on the cutting edge. For the past 60 years it’s been churning out top-quality headphones and microphones and now – with its ie800 in-ear headphones- they are pushing the envelope to its ripping point. The buds – which are due out later this fall – are priced up in the stratosphere, and given that altitude, the specs are somewhat surprising. 

Superflous for homosapiens, but a nice touch for canines, the ie800’s sport a 5-46,500 Hz frequency response; they also use internal damping materials to reign in the high frequencies. OK, nothing too nuts so far. How about venting to reduce resonance and an ultra-low distortion rate that sits below .06 percent? Still haven’t boarded the crazy train. Well, here’s the tough one to wrap your head around: these in-ear phones use a single, 7mm, dynamic driver. That’s the kind of thing that will make you rub your eyes and think you didn’t read right.

If Sennheiser can make a lone, dynamic driver that small deliver the kind of mind-bending audio they’re advertising, it will be a feat of true engineering wizardry.sennheiser ie800 sennheiserie800However, many of us in the industry have learned that doubting Sennheiser can put you on the fast-track to a retraction. We’ll hedge our bets and just say: if anyone can do it, it’s Sennheiser.

The ie800’s also come with a case, cleaning tool, and five separate sizes of ear-tips. They’re due out later this fall, which only has about 6 weeks or so to go, but if you don’t have a g-spot to spend, you’ll have to content yourself with dreaming; the headphones are priced at $1000.