Sennheiser’s Urbanite headphones deliver big bass with style and finesse (hands on)

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Since the Beats by Dr. Dre headphone line was launched in 2008, nearly everyone in the headphone business has clamored to hop aboard the big bass bandwagon. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a rash of headphones that boost low end at the cost of overall sound quality. Leave it to Sennheiser to take an obvious — if difficult to solve — problem, and absolutely crush it. At IFA 2014 in Berlin, Sennheiser debuted its Urbanite headphones, and in doing so, managed to do what no other headphone brand has done so successfully thus far: develop a headphone with enhanced bass that even audiophiles must agree sounds very, very good.

Fair disclosure: We’re big fans of Sennheisers headphones. Still, the Urbanite are really something special. Even though we’re not fond of skull-rattling bass, Sennheiser’s latest made us believers in the idea that you can enjoy so big bottom end without having to sacrifice the quality of the rest of the sound spectrum. What’s more, the Urbanite are super stylish, and come in five gorgeous color schemes.

Take a closer look at the Urbanite in our video, and let us know if you’ll be buying a pair for the bass-lover in your life (or yourself, for that matter).

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