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Sennheiser’s Urbanite XL is even better with no strings attached

Sennheiser Urbanite XL
There isn’t a lot of room for improvement on Sennheiser’s Urbanite XL, which sport a rich and powerful sound signature laden in a stylish, durable frame. As such, the company decided to take the only step left for these popular Beats killers: Cutting the cord.

It’s not just the crystal clear wireless signal that makes the Urbanite XL wireless special, it’s also the way Sennheiser laid out the exterior controls. Rather than burden these minimalist cans with a bunch of knobs or buttons, Sennheiser took the simpler approach, embedding a touch pad on the right earpiece that allows control of volume, play/pause, and song search with just by tapping or sliding your finger along the exterior. There’s also a whopping 25 hours of playtime available from the rechargeable battery.

Other than that, the Urbanite XL keep the same robust headphone band that takes a licking and keeps on ticking, and they look even better with no wires. The Urbanite XL are slated to make their way to market this month, at a price of $300.

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