Sharp drops Aquos prices

The price reductions are a direct result of enhanced worldwide consumer sales of Aquos televisions and of “improved production efficiencies at Sharp’s current and new manufacturing facilities,” according to a recent announcement. In May, Sharp will begin to assemble Aquos Liquid Crystal Televisions from Japanese-made kits at its manufacturing facility in Rosarito, Mexico. Improved production and distribution efficiencies will let Sharp to meet growing demand for the line in North and South America.

Price cuts will apply to selected models in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, ranging in size from 10″ diagonally to 37″. Sharp also has truly big-screen LCD sets coming – a new facility in Kameyama, Japan, will begin rolling out LCD panels in sizes over 60″ beginning in the first quarter of 2004.

Aquos TVs feature Sharp’s proprietary Advanced Super View (ASV) panels with Black TFT low-reflection coating. ASV panels deliver high brightness, 170-degree viewing angles, and high contrast ratio ranging from 500:1 to 800:1 on the new 37″ model. New 30″- and 37″ Aquos models are HDTV-compatible.

A high-performance alternative to plasma televisions, LCD TVs “have become one of the biggest growth categories in the consumer electronics industry, with the Aquos brand leading in global sales,” said Bob Scaglione, Sharp Electronics v.p. of marketing. “Sharp will maintain its leadership position by continuing to offer televisions with the ultimate picture quality and design, and incentives to inspire more customer purchases.”

Some of the new prices follow:

Widescreen Series – 22″ 30″ and 37″ AQUOS with 16:9 aspect ratio:

22″ model LC-22SV2U, $2,499.95; 30″ model LC-30HV4U, $4,499.95; and 37″ model LC-37HV4U: $7,499.95.

B Series wide side speakers and choice of colors): 13″ models LC-13B2UA (silver) and LC-13B2UB (black), $649.95; 15″ models LC-15B2UA (silver) and LC-15B2UB (black), $899.95; and 20″ models LC-20B2UA (silver) and LC-20B2UB (black), $1,499.95.

Aquos Liquid Crystal Televisions with built-in PCMCIA card slot, allowing users to display digital pictures;

15″ model LC-15B1U, $1,199.95; 20″ model, LC-20B1U $1,799.95.

E Series (for custom installation, with speakers on the bottom): 13″ models, LC-13E1U (silver), LC-13E1UB (black) and LC-13E1UW (white), $599.95; 15″ models, LC-15E1U (silver), LC-15E1UB (black) and LC-15E1UW (white), $799.95; 20″ models, LC-20E1U (silver), LC-20E1UB (black) and LC-20E1UW (white), $1,399.95.