Sharp To Release 45V-inch LCD TV

The LCD TV is priced 997,500 yen. This will be the world’s largest digital high-definition LCD TV.
In the wake of the market debut of LC-45GD1, whose image processor and LCD panel as well as its display size demonstrate Sharp’s expertise, competition is expected to further increase in the market of large-size flat panel TVs of 40V-inch and more, which has been dominated by plasma TVs.

As of July 2003, when Sharp implemented the development project, the resolution of 3.15 million dots (1,366 horizontal x 769 vertical x RGB) used in the existing products was also a strong candidate. The company finally chose the 6.22 million-dot technology in light of its survey results, which showed that viewers watch TVs at a distance of only 2 meters at the most homes in Japan, the same outcome as surveyed 20 years ago.

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