Sharp Updates AQUOS Line With HDTV

To meet the growing consumer demand for cutting-edge home entertainment options, Sharp, the global market leader in Liquid Crystal television, today announced the availability of new widescreen AQUOS LCD HDTV models, the GD4U and GD6U series. These new state-of-the-art AQUOS models are true, full High Definition televisions (1920×1080 resolution) with built-in CableCARD for “plug and play” capability, so consumers can enjoy the latest cable-TV HDTV programming without the added bulk or expense of an additional set-top box. These integrated HDTVs, available in 26-, 32- and 37-inch screen sizes, further strengthen Sharp’s large AQUOS collection, which currently offers consumers the widest selection of screen sizes, speaker configurations and unit colors of LCD TVs.

“The new HDTV AQUOS series demonstrates Sharp’s commitment to being at the forefront of new television technology, satisfying the growing consumer demand for stylish LCD sets with next-generation capabilities,” said Bruce Tripido, Director of Product Marketing, Display Devices, Sharp Electronics Corporation. “Sharp’s ongoing goal is to provide the widest selection of LCD TV designs and innovations, carrying consumers into the future of high-definition entertainment.”

The GD4U and GD6U AQUOS models feature built-in HDTV tuners with full CableCARD compatibility, meaning that consumers simply obtain a CableCARD from their local cable provider for easy and quick access to high-definition programming. These AQUOS models also include PC card slots, allowing users to view digital still images and full-motion video from a digital memory card right on the TV. These screens also feature Sharp’s proprietary Quick Shoot video technology to optimize pixel response time on fast-moving images.

As the requirement for DTV-equipped TVs increases and more cable-TV companies begin offering HDTV, coverage areas will expand. The arrival of these new AQUOS models will enable users to enjoy life-like, high-definition images from the growing availability of high-resolution, digital broadcasts on an impressively large screen. Sharp intends to be fully compliant with the DTV mandate and with each of its individual deadlines. “Sharp is looking forward to this next generation of digital television programming as the mandate plays out in its entirety over the next five years, and to delivering high-quality products that support it,” said Bob Scaglione, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sharp Electronics. These first integrated HDTV sets are manufactured at the company’s newest LCD plant in Kameyama, Japan.

As with previous AQUOS models, the new GD4U and GD6U series use Sharp’s proprietary Advanced Super View (ASV) LCD panels with Black TFT low-reflection coating which dramatically reduces glare, so they can be placed anywhere – even near windows, doors or other light sources. The units also offer 170-degree viewing angles, enabling consumers to watch TV clearly from anywhere in the room, as well as extremely high contrast for blacker blacks and clear, vivid pictures, and high brightness with exceptional color clarity. The sets have detachable side or bottom speakers for more flexibility in placement, and they feature Sharp’s 1-Bit digital amplification audio system for enhanced sound. The sophisticated design and silver or titanium finish fit seamlessly into any decor, and the detachable table stand and speakers allow the televisions to be installed in a variety of design scenarios, as well as wall mounting.

All products in the AQUOS line offer a long-life backlight (60,000 hours), multiple video signal inputs, one or more built-in cable TV tuners, remote control, V-Chip, and high brightness for more vibrant colors in darker environments. AQUOS TVs are currently available in 13- to 37-inch screen sizes and in traditional 4:3 and widescreen 16:9 aspect ratios. In August, Sharp will offer a 45-inch screen size, the largest LCD TV available with built-in DTV capability, which will also feature “plug and play” CableCARD compatibility.

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