Shaw Activates VOD Content Protection

Shaw Communications Inc., a cable operator based in Calgary, Canada, has activated Macrovision’s content protection for Video on Demand (VOD) content. Macrovision’s technology prevents unauthorizedcopying of VOD movies on VCRs, DVD recorders, personal video recorders (PVRs/DVRs) and hard drive recorders. Macrovision’s technology can also be used to permit secure storage and movement of VODmovies to PVRs and portable media centers to provide more flexible viewing options for consumers.

Shaw has enabled Macrovision’s content protection technology on over 300,000 VOD capable digital set-top boxes. Shaw utilizes Motorola models DCT2000 and DCT2500 set-top boxes. Macrovision’s video content protection technology is incorporated in over 90% of the 140 million digital set-top boxes and personal video recorders deployed worldwide.

“Shaw understands that protecting VOD movies benefits both content suppliers and cable operators alike. Most new DVD movies are protected with Macrovision’s technology. By implementing VOD content protection, Shaw is helping to ensure that VOD revenue does not negatively impact DVD revenue, which will in turn convince content suppliers to release more content to VOD. We’re very pleased that Shaw has joined other cable and direct broadcast satellite operators worldwide that have implemented Macrovision,” said Ken Jacobus, Senior Manager of Business Development for Macrovision.