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America, your voice has been heard — Snoop Dogg narrates Planet Snoop

Planet Snoop: Squirrel vs. Snake
As any good celebrity knows, you’ve gotta give the people what they want. And as a true man of his fans, Snoop Dogg has taken our collective voice to heart. So rejoice, Snoop and nature lovers alike — this rapper is narrating episodes of Planet Earth. For shizzle.

The strange yet glorious mashup of Planet Earth and the Californian MC has its roots in the “Plizzanet Earth” videos, which are a true testament to the glory of the Internet. Produced by the folks over at Jimmy Kimmel Live, these relatively short clips featured Snoop’s musings on Mother Earth and her many flora and fauna. And we really have to say, Morgan Freeman may need to take a backseat to Snoop’s powers of narration.

Plizzanet Earth with Snoop Dogg - Otter vs. Crocs

Given the immense popularity of these videos, and a petition for Mr. Dogg to narrate a whole season of Planet Earth (which ultimately garnered over 65,000 signatures), Snoop couldn’t possibly leave us hanging. And true to form, he hasn’t.

Clear the rest of your weekend, friends, because the rapper has now launched “Planet Snoop” on his YouTube channel (and website), aptly named Merry Jane. 

Promising to bring the perspective of “everyone’s favorite nature-documentary narrator” to the general public, the video series will feature Snoop’s “wild commentary to the craziest viral videos on the web.” The first lucky subject is entitled “Squirrel vs. Snake,” and in just over 100 seconds, manages to tackle some of life’s most important questions, like “Why aren’t you biting back?” Truly, food for thought.

Currently, this is the only video in the Planet Snoop series, but seeing as nearly 600,000 people have tuned in just 48 hours into its launch, there must be more in the making, right Snoop?

So sure, you may not feel as though your voice is heard in say, the American government. But when it comes to circulating petitions and seeing action, Snoop Dogg is really your man. Who’s nominating him for president?

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