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Sonos’ popular Move has a new color, and it’ll send you over the moon

The Sonos Move is a versatile speaker that the company said is growing to be one of its more popular items (based on last month’s sales statistics that saw it grow to the top of its bestsellers list). Today, it is seeing some additional appeal added as Sonos announced its availability in a new color: Lunar White.

It’s a full inversion of the simple, understated all-black look for which Sonos has become widely known and is common in speakers from across the industry. This is not the first time Sonos has offered one of  its speakers in this manner, however, as all of their other current products are available in either Shadow Black or Lunar White.

When we reviewed the Sonos Move in 2019, we were impressed by its sound quality and versatility. As the company’s first Bluetooth-enabled device, it impressed with its long battery life, build quality, and weather resistance (it is pretty close to waterproof with an IP56 rating). Although it is heavy and rather expensive, we still found it to be a very good speaker with a wide variety  of uses. You can read that full review here.

Depending on your decor, the new white can almost disappear into the environment. In some of the images Sonos provided of the new Lunar White, it took us a moment to even see the Move. With the hundreds of speaker options available on the market, most of them in black, seeing the Sonos Move in a starkly opposing color is only what we can describe as “refreshing.”

In addition to the new color, Sonos also announced that all Sonos Move speakers can get an additional hour of battery life thanks to a firmware update. With that update, the Sonos Move can offer up to 11 hours of continuous play time before needing to be returned to its charging base.

Both the original Shadow Black and new Lunar White color options come in at the same $399 price tag. It’s not cheap, and as we mentioned, expense is a downside of the Sonos Move. But at least you can get it in the color of your choice without adding an additional fee.

The Lunar White Sonos Move is available for pre-order on, with availability in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and China starting on June 30. Sonos fans in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan will have to wait until July 7 for the new Lunar White to be available.

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