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Sonos One speakers are getting a new splash of color later this year

The Sonos One is a great wireless multiroom speaker, but like other Sonos products, it’s not the most colorful thing in the world. If you’ve been wishing for a version of the speaker that matches the look of your home a little better, you’re in luck. Today Sonos announced in a blog post that it is partnering with Danish design firm Hay for colorful new limited-edition Sonos One models coming later this year.

Called the Hay Sonos One Limited Edition Collection, the speakers come in a selection of colors — red, yellow, and green — taken from Hay’s 2018 pallete. “Color is one of the most important tools in the design process, and it was very important we didn’t just create a color scale that looked beautiful,” said Hay co-founder and creative director Mette Hay. “Colors can hide completely and disappear or provide contrast. These speakers deserve to be treated like furniture: Strong, independent objects that fit different needs and spaces.”

Sonos fans who have been wishing that their speaker would blend in better with their décor are likely happy about this development, but others might be announced that the company is prioritizing new colors. Last year, Sonos announced that the Sonos One would be getting Google Assistant integration, a feature that still has yet to arrive. If these new colors launch before Google Assistant integration arrives, buyers might not be happy.

This might just be the first step in Sonos aiming for a spot in your living room, not just as a speaker but as a fixture. Late last year, Sonos and Ikea announced that the two companies would be collaborating but didn’t specify what they would be collaborating on. This doesn’t mean we’ll see Sonos integrated into furniture, but it’s interesting to think about what the company might have in mind.

While there isn’t an exact launch date so far, Sonos says that the limited-edition Sonos One models will be arriving in September. Hay’s design talents don’t come cheap, though, as these models will cost $230 instead of the $200 the standard Sonos One models go for. Whether you’re sold on Sonos or looking for another brand, take a look at our wireless speaker buying guide to make sure you’re fully informed before you make a decision.

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