Sony to include 4K Ultra HD content-loaded media server with its $25K 84-inch TV

sony 4k uhd xbr 84x900 tv

If you were having trouble with the thought of dropping $25K on Sony’s 84-inch XBR-84X900 LED 4K TV, know this: it comes with a video player. That might sound lame at first, but this is actually pretty big news. If you’ve been reading our 4K Ultra HD coverage, the you know that content (just as it was in the early days of HD) at ultra-high resolutions has been scarce to say the least. In fact, not a single 4K Ultra HD manufacturer has come up with a content-delivery system to pair with its next-gen televisions. That is, until now.

According to a report from Twice, Sony’s COO Phil Molyneux confirmed that the company will be including a 4K Ultra HD video player with The Amazing Spiderman and Total Recall (2012) among a total of 10 pre-loaded feature films and a handful of 4K video clips. The player – a hard-disk server – will be the first 4K Ultra HD content production engine for the home. Granted, you can’t yet drive over to Best Buy to snag some 4K Ultra HD discs (and maybe you never will), but this is a significant step forward for what many see as the future of television.

That Sony would be behind the groundbreaking player is no surprise; the company has been heavily invested in 4K Ultra HD since its conception. And this announcement is important for Sony, which is in direct competition with LG and its 84LM9600 – an 84-inch 4K Ultra HD TV priced at $20,000 (reviewed here). That it is delivering 4K content along with its TV might make its additional $5,000 price of admission a little more palatable.