Sony’s Extra Bass headphones tweak traditional specs to cater to today’s tunes

sony extra bass headphones mdr xb800 02

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Sony has just unveiled an update to its bass-centric line of headphones, the Extra Bass series. Sony says the new Extra Bass headphones have been designed specifically to take advantage of today’s musical stylings and produce a deeper range of sub harmonics and a solid low-frequency response.

The line, which includes the MDR-XB800 ($150), MDR-XB600 ($100) , MDR-XB400 ($60) , and MDR-XB60EX ($100) models, is focused on delivering power and an “impressive listening experience.” And in case you couldn’t glean this from its title, the series boasts extra bass, ostensibly reproduced with high-fidelity. The biggest part of the series refresh, however, appears to be an update to the headphones’ look, which adopts a more modern aesthetic. 

The MDR-XB800, 600, and 400 are on-ear offerings and, according to Sony, the phones feature well padded headbands, pressure relieving ear cushions, and an acoustic seal. Though such features are important — especially during extended use — at this stage in the game, they’re expected in a pair of quality on-ear headphonessony extra bass headphones mdrxb600

The MDR-XB60 EX is the lone in-ear offering. The model features 13.5 mm drivers, hybrid silicone/rubber ear-buds in four separate sizes, and foam noise-isolation ear tips in three.

Does the world really need another round of bass-heavy headphones? We think not. But at least Sony comes right out and calls the headphones what they are rather than trying to pass them off as  “studio-grade” or “audiophile” headphones. 

All four models models are available as of now at Sony Stores, Sony’s website, and at several other retailers.