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Sony’s colorful retro headphones are a match for its funky new Walkman

Sony Headphones h.ear on 3 Truly Wireless (WF-H800) Official Product Video

Sony might get the most attention for its noise-canceling headphones, but it is producing several fun and funky headphone options too. At IFA 2019, Sony debuted the colorful WF-H800 truly wireless headphones, as well as five color options for the WH-H910N overband headphones. There are also matching colors available for the latest version of the Walkman so you can get your retro groove on.

The truly wireless WF-H800s, also called the h.ear in 3, come in a two-tone color design. In addition to your standard black model, there’s a striking red-and-black option, a delicate pastel pink with gray offering, a funky blush orange-and-gray option, and a slick slate blue-and gray-option. They have a “tri-hold design” which should help them stay in your ears, and there’s simultaneous left and right Bluetooth transmission for seamless audio playback.

They don’t just look pretty, though. The sound on them shouldn’t be too shabby either, as they come with Sony’s DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) HX technology. As is standard with truly wireless headphones, they charge in their carrying case and offer up to 16 hours of playback — 8 hours from the earbuds and another 8 hours when recharged from the carrying case. And there’s quick charge to get up to 70 minutes’ worth of playback time from a 10-minute charge.

There’s no word on release date or pricing yet, but Sony’s website says they’ll be “available soon.”

If you prefer an over-ear style headphone but you still want those funky colors, the new over-ear WH-H910Ns, also known as the h.ear on 3, should please you. These cans come in red, black, ash green, orange, and blue, and you can choose a matching or complementary color for your Walkman.

The WH-H910Ns offer digital noise canceling using a dual noise sensor, with an adaptive sound control function that automatically adjusts the playback in response to the ambient sounds in your environment. When you’re walking, they’ll play music and let in some ambient sound. When you’re on a train or bus, they’ll play music only and block out ambient sounds. And when you’re sitting down, they’ll play music and let in voice sounds. They offer up to 35 hours of playback and can be quick charged in 10 minutes to last 2.5 hours. These will be available in the U.K. come December, priced at 250 British pounds ($308 U.S.).

Along with the new NW-A105 Walkman model, there’s a special-edition NW-A100TPS that celebrates Walkman’s 40th birthday with a logo on the rear panel and a carrying case inspired by the original Walkman launched in 1979. The standard model will cost 320 British pounds ($394) and the special edition will cost 400 British pounds ($493), with both versions going on sale in the U.K. in November.

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