Sony Says They are Serious About LCD TVs

“At a press event attended by more than 400 journalists from all over the world in Bordeaux yesterday, the president of Sony Europe Chris Deering made it clear that Sony is moving to leverage its various interests in the worlds of computers, gaming, audio and vision technology as well as its interests in the music and movies industries to move away from being a dominant entertainment powerhouse.

Moving on to the television segment of Sony’s business, Deering said that the sector is going through substantial changes, driven primarily by a revolution in HDTV. At the Bordeaux event he unveiled some 25 new LCD HDTV products for the European market, including a massive 70-rear projector TV aimed at the home cinema market. He also pointed to synergies between HDTV and the next generation of DVD, entitled Blu Ray, which includes discs capable of storing 50GB of content on a single disc. He also unveiled a new HDTV-based HandyCam camcorder capable of recording wide-screen cinema and surround sound.”

Sony currently has a deal with Samsung wherein the two companies are co-developing LCD panels for some of Sony’s products. There is no mention however if Sony will continue to leverage Samsungs manufacturing process for the new Sony LCD televisions.

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