Sony To Develop 200Gbyte Blu-ray Storage

“The company further plans to commercialise a 4-layer 100Gbyte version in 2007, said Sony spokesman Taro Takamine.

“The advantage of Blu-ray over DVD is definitely capacity and we are extending our multilayer performance. The 8-layer is a technology demonstration. We haven’t decided when we are going to commercialise it yet,” Takamine said.

The development is the fourth recent boost for the format as it wrestles with HD-DVD (high definition-DVD) to replace conventional DVDs in coming years. Both Sony and Matsushita Electric Industrial, better known for its Panasonic brand, sell Blu-ray players.”

Although the technology and players will be expensive when they first hit the market, we think that Blu-ray will open the door to a number of posibilities. With Sony’s recent purchase of MGM studios, we should expect movies from the newly aquired company to be available in Blu-ray format.

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