Sony’s LocationFree TV In Stores

“The televisions can access the base stations remotely over a wired or wireless connection so that a traveler can reach his or her base station to watch local television shows even when far from home. The televisions can also access content from a device connected to the base station–letting them play whatever they left in the DVD player before going on the road, for instance.

LocationFree TV is part of a larger Sony effort to boost the fortunes of one of its more profitable product categories, televisions. The company also developed the new DRC-MFv2 or “Digital Reality Creation Multifunction” controller chip, which lets viewers zoom in, pan and tilt their perspective in television broadcasts. “

While we think this is a pretty cool product, it is more of a novelty than a useful product. The goal we think is to showcase the WiFi technology rather than sell some actual products. Early adopters are sure to pick up this cool TV, and who knows, we might just decide to buy one to review on the site.

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