Soundfreaq’s Double Spot speaker aims to double the fun of the Sound Spot

Soundfreaq’s new Double Spot is the latest in a long line of affordable wireless speakers from the brand. Designed as a doubled down version of its popular Sound Spot speaker, the longer speaker offers a dual pairing of the Sound Spot’s 2.5-inch driver, while keeping the original design aesthetic, including an available model with the same quirky faux-woodgrain front that fits right in with a kitchen or bathroom decor.

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The Double Spot comes in two versions, including one that is dependent upon a power source for $130, and one bundled with a 7-hour rechargeable battery, priced at $150. Like many offerings in the Soundfreaq family, the Double Spot offers some cool features like a Tone switch to choose among three basic EQ presets, as well as the company’s UQ3 DSP switch, designed to expand the sound for greater stereo spacing. It also includes other familiar Bluetooth speaker options like a port to charge your phone, and an Aux input.

While we really enjoyed the original Sound Spot for its powerful punch of sound and extremely affordable price tag of $70, we’re not so sure the Double Spot offers twice the value for its doubled-up pricing. Sound performance is reminiscent of its sibling, but we hoped it would be louder, and offer a bit more power down below. And there are a myriad of speaker options out there at a similar price, many of which offer more bang for the buck, such as TDK Life On Record’s powerful and weather-resistant Trek A34.

That said, while the Double Spot may not double the performance, it still offers a unique way to get your wireless fix. Those looking for a speaker in the home with original styling and decent sound performance may want to give the Double Spot a spin.

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