Squeezebox by Slim Devices

Squeezebox by Slim Devices

Just a few weeks ago, we were posted this review of the SLIMP3 network music player. We had asked for optical outputs and wireless capability.

Well that’s just what Slim Devices has done in their latest product, the Squeezebox.

The new Squeezebox from Slim Devices

Here is the info from the Slim Devices website:

“Squeezebox is revolutionary. It streams your music from your computer to your digital stereo over your wireless or ethernet network – without any loss of sound quality. You now have lightning-fast access to any song in your digital music collection, anywhere in your home.

The Squeezebox player is incredibly easy to set up and use. It takes just a few minutes to install: simply load SlimServer, our powerful and free Open Source software, onto your computer and connect the player to your network. Squeezebox automatically configures itself and is ready to use.

Squeezebox is a complete and elegant solution that takes advantage of the power and capacity of your existing computer. As a result, Squeezebox places no limit to the size of your music library.

The Squeezebox connections

Squeezebox’s user-friendly interface allows you to browse quickly through your whole music collection via remote control or web browser. Its large, built-in fluorescent display is bright and easy to read. Thanks to its small form factor, you can place Squeezebox in your stereo cabinet, on a shelf or on your bedside table.

Digital and analog RCA outputs connect Squeezebox to your home theater, stereo receiver, or amplified speakers. And when you install multiple players, they can play independently or in sync for whole-house audio.

The connections on the Squeezebox

Since the launch of Slim Devices, a group of talented engineers has emerged from an active community of enthusiastic, dedicated owners of our products. Together they have contributed years of effort to help make Squeezebox an unparalleled product.”

Look for a review of the Squeezebox from Designtechnica in the next few days.