Survey Says People Want Movies In HDTV

A Survey of HDTV Users, a new report in Lyra Research’s DTV View report series, finds that when existing HDTV users were asked to rate the importance of seeing various types of TV content in highdefinition, both males and females chose movies as the most important. Men rated sporting events a close second, while women rated drama TV series marginally higher than sports (see figure). Amongthe types of TV series respondents were asked to rate, reality shows came in last, although still well ahead of TV commercials.

Steve Hoffenberg, principal analyst for the DTV View report series and Lyra Research’s director of electronic media research, noted, “Sporting events are often the programs most prominently touted as being broadcast in high definition. We laud the efforts of the networks to air sports in high definition, particularly because programs captured in standard-definition video cannot later be converted into true high definition. However, preexisting movies originating from film stock can subsequently be converted to high-definition video by straightforward methods, so virtually the entire historical catalog of movies is HD-capable. And, with HDTV users pleading for more programming, adding more movies in high definition would increase current user satisfaction and potentially attract new users to HDTV.”

Hoffenberg added, “With the slew of highly rated reality shows appearing over the last few years, our survey results can be viewed as both good news and bad news. The good news is that, for the time being, reality programmers can continue to save production costs by delaying the switch to high definition. The bad news is that the early adopters of HDTV, who tend to be from high-income households and among the most desirable advertising targets, are less concerned about reality TV.”

Desperately Seeking Content: A Survey of HDTV Users is based on an Internet survey of more than 500 existing users of high-definition television sets conducted in May and June 2004 by Lyra Research’s DTV View group. The report is the third in the new DTV View report series on the digital television market, published regularly by Lyra Research. DTV View reports feature timely consumer surveys on all aspects of digital television, including services, content, products, and promotion. The series probes leading-edge industry developments, reality-tests common assumptions, and provides valuable consumer feedback on experimental product and service concepts. Industry executives will find this survey information relevant in their planning to develop and deliver products and services that consumers will desire.

The fourth report in the DTV View series, a consumer video-rental survey, will be released in August 2004. In addition to published market research, Lyra Research offers custom market research services in the field of digital television.

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