Swann’s DIY-friendly 960-H security system takes widescreen security video to your HDTV and the Internet

Swann 4-camera security DVR small

Make sure to check out our hands-on video of the Swann  472004 HD video security system.

When we start talking about widescreen video here at the Digital Trends home theater section, we’re normally talking about HDTVs, Blu-ray players or home theater projectors. But this time, we’re looking at something a little different. This is the sort of 16:9 video that can actually help protect all those aforementioned goodies. Check out the Swann 960-H widescreen security system.

The new security system is part of Swann’s TruBlue 4200 series which is aimed at DIY’ers who would rather own and install their own security system than pay big monthly fees to a third party (ahem..cable company) for equipment that will never belong to them, but still want advanced functionality such as night-vision and Internet monitoring. 

The 960-H DVR can be outfitted with a hard drive of varying capacities to suit individual needs, though a USB port allows for storage expansion through the use of an external hard drive. Typically, Swann’s 4200-series DVR’s pro_642_45left_noshadoware paired with its PRO-642 range of cameras which not only offer night-vision ranging up to 82-feet, but use CCD sensors capable of capturing DVD-quality, 16:9 aspect widescreen video at 30 frames per second. That video can then be played back on an HDTV or computer monitor via HDMI.

Since the system can be connected to the Internet, users can also view any of the cameras in real time or review recorded footage using a mobile device with Swann’s free Swannview app. 

The 960H TruBlue 4200 series is available at Fry’s and Best Buy stores nationwide for between $549.99-$649.99 depending on the package model.