TAG McLaren Audio ceases development

Since its inception in 1998, TAG McLaren Audio has dedicated itself to producing quality audio and audio visual equipment.

The present world economy has had a significant impact on the market for high quality audio and audio visual products and this has made it increasingly difficult to operate on commercially acceptable margins consistent with the levels of development investment required.

It is for these reasons that TAG McLaren Audio has ceased development of new products and will begin a full strategic review of its continued participation in the audio and audio visual markets.

Products already introduced into the market and their relevant, existing upgrades will remain available for the time being.

Warranty, repair and Helpdesk services will continue to be available, whatever the outcome of their strategic review.

The following product upgrades are almost completed and will be made available: Software Upgrade “Height channel” for AV32R DP/AV192R and for the time being the Video Scalar Module VSM2048 for AV192R.
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