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Save $80 on this cheap 4K TV from Best Buy – 55-inch TCL 4K TV

There are few better ways to enjoy your content, keep up on the news, or dominate video games than with the picture perfect clarity of a 4K TV. And they don’t need to break the bank, just check out the cheap 4K TV deals. Right now, at Best Buy, you can get $80 off this 55-inch TCL Class 4 4K TV. It’s only $320, down from its regular price of $400. What are you waiting for?

Any time you see a 55-inch TV for less than $350, you should consider jumping on it. This deal gives you a 20% discount, which is quite significant, and 55 inches is the perfect size for a small apartment or your average living room, so jump on this deal while you can.

This inexpensive 55-inch 4K TV has some great features, including 4K Ultra HD resolution and support for high dynamic range. This means you can enhance every detail and achieve absolute clarity in everything you watch, even older programs. It sounds great, too. This TV is loaded with Dolby Digital+ audio technology, providing a full sound and setting you up for cinematic surround sound. No movie theaters? No problem.

This 55-inch 4K TV is smart, too. To begin with, it has built-in Google Assistant to enable voice commands, so you can go touchless. And on top of this, there’s Chromecast, so you can view pictures, video, or any of your favorite content from your iOS or Android device. Like all smart TVs, the TCL Class 4 offers amazingly fast and seamless access to your favorite streamers, like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max. You can even customize the home screen so you can have even faster access to your favorite streaming content or live TV.

Another feature we love: the Voice Remote. No more typing in every letter on the annoying on-screen keyboard when you’re trying to search for your shows. You can just push the button on the remote and speak into it and easily find the content you’re looking for. On top of this, there are 3 HDMI inputs, strong dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and an ethernet port to guarantee the fastest streaming and gaming.

It’s the right time to invest in a new 4K TV. Browse these cheap 4K TV deals, or head over to Best Buy, where this 55-inch TCL Class 4 4K TV is only $320. It’s a whopping $80 off from its regular price of $400. But this deal won’t last forever, so better take advantage while you can.

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