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Technics' latest speakers promise crystal-clear sound, amazing stereo imaging

technics grand class sb g90 speaker system ces 2017 4 fin
While the company had struggled for a while, Technics has been on a roll lately, releasing a few impressive audio products, including turntables and speaker systems. With that in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the company is debuting its new Grand Class SB-G90 Speaker System at CES this year.

These are floor-standing speakers, so you’ll need to make room for them, but on the other hand, they promise a wide sound field that you just won’t get from smaller speakers. They’re also on the heavy side, weighing in at approximately 71 pounds each.

The SB-G90 starts with its high-rigidity cabinet design, while is covered in a black high-gloss finish. Inside is a die-cast support structure that includes arms Technics says is designed to reduce resonance, making for more accurate sound reproduction. Inside, the speaker unit is mounted to a sub-baffle, further reducing resonance.

Inside the cabinet, Technics has packed in dual 16cm long stroke woofers, combined with a 25mm tweeter, which combined offer a claimed frequency range from 27Hz all the way up to 100kHz. To offer a uniform sound across the entire frequency range, all the speaker units use aluminum diaphragms.

As the speakers are only part of a stereo setup, you’ll need to pair them with an amplifier. Specifically, the Grand Class SB-G90 are rated for an impedance of 4 ohms and sound pressure levels up to 88dB. Technics recommends an amplifier with an output of between 40 watts and 150 watts for the speakers, though they will handle a maximum of 200 watts.

Technics has yet to announce when the Grand Class SB-G90 Speaker System will be released or what it will be priced at, but given the pricing of the company’s other Grand Class products, we’re not expecting it to be cheap. For more information, see the company’s website.

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