The deep Bluetooth sea: Will Edifier’s new speakers stand out or blend in?

 the deep bluetooth sea will edifiers new speakers stand out or blend in esienaToday, audio manufacturer Edifier released two new Bluetooth speakers. We’ve seen a deluge of these in the early days of October, but all that means for you is that – if you’re in the market – you’ve got options. Edifier’s newbies are the Esiena Bluetooth and the Bric Bluetooth. The former is meant to serve as the centerpiece to your audio set-up, while the latter is a portable, pick-up-and-go option. Let’s have a look at the specs.

Both models stream wireless music at up to 30ft and both support all iPhones, pods, and pads, with the very notable exception of the iPhone 5, which will require the addition of a Lightning adapter for hard-docking. We’re starting to see the implications of Apple’s decision to change up the connector on its latest phone as manufacturers were obviously developing these products while Apple kept the new connector on the down-low.

The Esiena is the more powerful of the two, housing two three-inch drivers and a class-D digital Amp. The Esiena also supports several extra connectivity options, with an SD reader and both Aux and USB ports on-board.

The Bric is the lighter, more flexible option. It features two 2 and ¾ inch drivers and runs on six AA batteries. The lack of an included rechargeable battery gives us pause. Though rechargeables can always be purchased on the side, they just aren’t as convenient. The Bric plugs into the wall too, but if you plan on using it away from the socket, you’ll want to factor in the cost of extra batteries.

Both speaker systems are now available for purchase at Edifier’s website. The Esiena is priced at $300 and the Bric at $100. Happy Bluetooth speaker extravaganza to you.