The Future Of DVI

Quote from the article:

“Recently, I’ve been getting e-mail from folks inquiring about whether they should buy a DVI-equipped DVD player for their new HDTVs. DVI, which got its start in the computer world, is an all-digital video connection that enables you, in theory, to receive the best possible picture quality on a TV with a like input. How much of an improvement you’ll get over component video depends on a lot of factors, but I’ve certainly noticed the difference, and videophiles agree that DVI is the way to go for hooking up either a DVD player or an HDTV receiver.

Since many new HDTVs, flat-panel or otherwise, have a DVI input, you’d expect to find more DVI DVD players out there. Not so. Among the major consumer electronics manufacturers last year, only Samsung trotted out a DVI player to sell alongside its DLP HDTVs: the DVD-HD931. The only other DVI player we’ve reviewed so far, the Bravo D1 from formerly unknown brand V, is now sold out. Other DVI players include the Toshiba SD5960, the Zenith DVB 318, the Momitsu V880, and a couple of expensive jobs from Denon and Pioneer — but they’re all hard to find. In May, V will launch the $249 Bravo D2, a slightly improved version of the D1, and later in this year, the D3, which offers enhanced features such as Windows Media 9.0 support. “

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