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A download you can’t refuse: The Godfather trilogy lands on iTunes for $10

francis ford coppola to release godfather notebook the marlon brando
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iTunes is making an offer Godfather fans can’t refuse: The digital media store is selling The Godfather trilogy — in all its mobster glory — for just $10.

The lowered price is quite the deal, as it puts the price per film at just over $3. Of course, given how much better the first two parts are than the third, you may see it as $5 for two with a bonus thrown in. Either way, it’s still much cheaper than what the trilogy normally costs; the complete collection is typically available on iTunes for $45 (HD) and $30 (SD). By comparison, Amazon currently sells the digital version of the three parts for $15 (HD) each, bringing the total cost up to $45, while Vudu offers the bundle for $43 (HD and HDX).

The Godfather films are, of course, the saga of the Corleone family and their criminal endeavors. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, the films all star Al Pacino as Michael and Diane Keaton as Kay, with Marlon Brando starring as patriarch Vito in the first and Robert De Niro as a younger Vito in the second. The trilogy follows the mob family through dangerous feuds, family drama, and clampdowns by the authorities.

The classic series garnered numerous Academy Awards, winning three with The Godfather and six with The Godfather Part II. As much as it’s criticized for failing to live up to the first two, the third installment also earned Oscar nods, though it didn’t bring home any of the coveted gold trophies.

The bargain pricing for The Godfather trilogy comes before Black Friday, so as CNET points out, other retailers may drop their prices in the coming days as well. It still may be worth snapping up the iTunes version now, though. Who knows if the deal can get any better than it already is?

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