The UNIDISK 1.1 Universal Digital Disc Play

Using Linn’s SILVER DISK ENGINEâ„¢ technology, the UNIDISK 1.1 player automatically recognizes and optimises playback for two-channel and multi-channel Super Audio CD (SACD), CD, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio,and more.

The UNIDISK 1.1 incorporates a comprehensive range of video outputs including Progressive Scan, Interlaced, Component and DVI incorporating HDCP encryption. For added versatility all video outputscarry a constant signal, enabling concurrent use of several video playback devices.

Phono and balanced analog outputs access stereo and multi-channel audio playback, with SPDIF and optical digital audio outputs streaming CD and DVD related data.

The new UNIDISK 1.1 player has a variety of quality control interfaces available. These include on-screen graphics, a user-friendly fascia with simple direct control of the large digital display anda comprehensive luminous remote handset. Additionally, the UNIDISK 1.1 player offers an RS232 control interface and can integrate with Linn’s Knekt multiroom system.

The UNIDISK 1.1 player is available for $11,000 in black and silver finishes from authorised Linn retailers and Linn custom installation professionals worldwide.