Thomson Introduces 2004 HDTV Line-up

The showpieces of the RCA lineup include more than a dozen new Digital Cable Ready HDTV sets that will offer delivery of HDTV programming from local cable operators as well as widescreen receptionand display of over-the-air broadcasts from local broadcasters who now offer digital TV service.

The new integrated ATSC and Digital Cable Ready models will be offered beginning this summer in a broad choice of screen sizes ranging from widescreen 40 inch sets up to mural-sized models calledProfiles HDTV that are powered by DLP projection microdisplay light engines. The entire range of Thomson’s 2004 HDTV products includes rear projection DLP and CRT rear projection HDTV Sets and HDTVMonitors as well as direct-view HDTV Monitors and flat-panel LCD HDTV Monitors and Plasma HDTV Displays.

Nine RCA Scenium Digital Cable Ready rear projection HDTV sets in 2004 will feature Texas Instruments’ advanced DLP microdisplay technology including Profiles HDTV – ultra-thin RCA Scenium modelsthat are thin and light enough to hang on a wall. With a new projection TV design that achieves HDTV with a cabinet only 6.85 inches deep (50 and 61 inch), consumers who buy the new RCA SceniumProfiles HDTV Sets can choose to view their HDTV programming using the set’s tabletop stand or wall mounting bracket. These full-featured Digital Cable Ready HDTV Sets use a newly developed InFocusLight Engine, which enables the ultra-thin design.

Along with the ultra-thin Profiles HDTV Sets, Thomson is offering an all-new family of space saving Digital Cable Ready widescreen DLP HDTV Sets in cabinets as thin as 16 inches deep and weighingless than 80 pounds. These ergonomic DLP models feature screen sizes of 61, 50 and 44 inches, and all in the widescreen format.

The performance and feature package of both types of DLP rear-projection HDTV Sets includes: