TiVo, Nielson To Track DVR Usage

From Nielson’s press release:

Nielsen Media Research, the global leader in television measurement services, and TiVo, the pioneer in digital video recording (DVR) services, have signed an agreement to deliver information on DVR usage to the television industry. This new service, which will be marketed by Nielsen Media Research, will aid advertisers and television executives seeking to understand the opportunities and effects of growing DVR usage.

Consistent with their dedication to industry privacy standards, TiVo and Nielsen will collect data on television viewing patterns and trends by creating an Opt-In panel of TiVo’s standalone subscribers. This fully consensual panel will provide key information for the purposes of analyzing, processing and marketing DVR usage data to the television industry.

“In a world where DVR has put the viewer in charge, industry executives are looking for insight into the impact of this changing television landscape TiVo has helped to create,” said Marty Yudkovitz, TiVo President. “Partnering with the industry leader in audience measurement validates the importance and credibility of the unique viewing information TiVo can provide to the advertising and television industries.”

“Harnessing the power of TiVo’s DVR technology, this new service will provide insight into the viewing habits of opt-in subscribers who have unique control over their television viewing experience,” said Susan Whiting, President and CEO, Nielsen Media Research.

TiVo standalone DVRs currently enable subscribers to digitally record up to 80 hours of television programming to an internal hard drive, without the use of videotapes. TiVo DVR features include the ability to control live TV with pause, rewind, and slow-motion functions.

The agreement between Nielsen and TiVo is separate from Nielsen Media Research’s national and local television audience measurement panels. Data from these panels serve as currency for the television marketplace in the U.S.