TiVo Releases SuperBowl Viewer Stats

“The Super Bowl is a totally different viewing experience for families that have the command and control of TiVo to pause and replay the most favorite parts of the game,” said Matt Wisk, TiVo ChiefMarketing Officer. “This year’s big game once again drew what will probably be the largest global television audience of the year, and Super Bowl advertisers benefited once again from thisvisibility. But marketers who walked the finest line on taste still had the most success in getting viewers to sit up and take notice.”

The highest spike in commercial replay activity during the entire game was recorded during the one commercial that aired during the game that most resembled some of the most criticized spots fromlast year. The first few seconds of the commercial from GoDaddy.com, which featured a “wardrobe malfunction” of its own were the most replayed moments of any commercial in the game, according toTiVo.

On the other hand, the “tamer” halftime performance actually retained more viewers than the heavily promoted hip hop halftime from last year’s big game. Former Beatle Paul McCartney’s halftime showon the whole had about 5 percent more viewers compared to last year’s halftime show.

A fourth quarter interception by Patriot’s linebacker Ted Bruschi that sealed the game for the defending world champions was the most viewed play of the game, according to TiVo.

The highest replayed moments of the game didn’t take place during a commercial or during the game. Thousands of TiVo subscribers replayed the moment when a phone number was displayed on screen thatviewers could use to cast their own votes for the Super Bowl MVP.

TiVo’s audience measurement analysis is based on aggregated data from a sample of 10,000 anonymous TiVo households. TiVo viewership information gauges the interest in programming content by measuringthe percentage of the TiVo Super Bowl audience watching in “play” speed.

TiVo Top Ten Super Bowl Commercials

  1. Emerald Nuts – Unicorn
  2. Anheuser Busch – Designated Driver
  3. GoDaddy.com – Censorship Hearing
  4. Diet Pepsi – Cindy Crawford Eye Catcher
  5. Ameriquest – Robbery
  6. Careerbuilder.com – Monkey Brown-Nosing
  7. Tabasco – Burn
  8. Fed Ex – Super Bowl Commercial Formula
  9. Paramount Pictures – War of the Worlds
  10. Anheuser Busch – Thank You to Troops

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