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TiVo finally invites Android users to the party, updates Android app for wireless streaming

tivo updates android app wireless streaming
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TiVo announced today that it has made a long-awaited update to its Android app that allows users to stream both recorded and live TV directly to their Android mobile devices. Users will be able to stream most recorded and live shows to smartphones and tablets at home or on the go. The newly upgraded app is now available for free on the Google Play store.

Before today, only iOS users with the iOS TiVo app could stream recorded and live TV from TiVo via their mobile devices, but today’s update for Android devices gives users access to content from over-the-air antenna broadcasts or cable TV, as well as Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video.

With the new app in tow, users will be able to start watching a movie or TV show at home and then continue streaming via mobile device when they head out for their daily commute. The updated app’s got a few other unique tricks up its sleeve, too. A simple tap on an Android device will summon background information on both the cast and crew for whatever you happen to be watching. Users can also easily flip their stream from mobile device to the big screen, and vise-versa, with a single tap. And last but not least, the new app lets your Android smartphone or tablet double as a remote for TiVo’s Roamio DVRs.

TiVo says the newly updated app will also soon be made available through the Amazon Appstore for Android.

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The six-tuner, 2TB DVR will preserve all of the Bolt's features including 4K, Alexa compatibility, skip mode, and TiVO's own voice-driven Vox remote options. What's new is the Edge's support for Dolby's two major home theater technologies, Dolby Vision (Dolby's proprietary HDR format) and Dolby Atmos (the company's immersive surround sound format). But before TiVo subscribers get too excited by these additions, it's worth noting that the Bolt DVRs already have HDR10 and HLG capabilities, but none of the onboard streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Plex have been updated by their respective publishers to take advantage of the Bolt's HDR chops. TiVo puts the onus on the streaming companies for their lack of HDR support. "It is up to the app providers, not TiVo, to take advantage of this capability," Digital Trends was told by a TiVo spokesperson in November 2018.

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Jabra says it has also made meaningful improvements to spatial audio quality, call quality, and noise canceling. Unfortunately, these new features come with higher prices. Both the Elite 10 Gen 2 and Elite 8 Active Gen 2 sell for $30 more than their predecessors: $279 and $229 respectively, versus $249 and $199 for the Gen 1 products. They'll be available for purchase by mid-June, with navy, black, coral, and olive color options on the Elite 8 Active Gen 2, and titanium black, gloss black, cocoa, denim, and soft white colors for the Elite 10 Gen 2.

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