TiVo will use your iPad to help you figure out what to watch

TiVo What to Watch Now

Once a DVR force all its own, TiVo is adding a new feature called “What to Watch Now” to its iPad app to help users find what’s worth watching on live TV as an alternative to the standard program guide.

The new feature is on the app’s dashboard and mashes up its own recommendations with a user’s own personal tastes to highlight what would fit best. These “feeds” are separated into seven columns in a tile format that cover both live programming and any previously recorded content. The feeds are also broken down by genre, so that live sporting events are lined up on their own, complete with a rating system between 0 and 100 to measure the “excitement factor” of the game.

The sports-centric features are largely powered by Thuzz, the sports metadata aggregator. Fans who have to share the iPad with a loved one will be happy to know that the sports column can’t be removed, as users only have the ability to filter which sports they want to know about.

Other feeds hone in on favorite channels, movies playing on TV, what’s popular and, of course, recorded programs. Children’s programming, primetime, daytime — all of that can be accessed with a tap on the appropriate tile.

Not surprisingly, users also have the ability to schedule recordings or season passes, provided that they have a TiVo to record to. Two-thirds of TiVo subscribers are now residual ones by way of partnerships the company currently has with pay-TV operators, amounting to a total of 3.1 million today.

The new update is available now and new users can download the app from the App Store for free.