Top 10 Features of Toshiba’s New Cell TV


We can’t say we didn’t see Toshiba’s new Cell TV coming – the company demonstrated a prototype of the technology last year – but we couldn’t have guessed just how crazy the company would go in piling features into its new flagship. Let’s just hope they don’t sink it. If you haven’t caught the official press specs, here’s a summary: It has absolutely everything, ever. After poring over all the details, here the top 10 features we think make it one of the most promising displays we’ve seen so far.

1. TriVector 2D to 3D Conversion

Consider us incredibly skeptical of the implementation, but Toshiba claims its TriVector technology can actually convert any 2D video to 3D. We suspect it will look something like the spiced-up old-time photographs in Ken Burns documentaries (basically cutout characters against a flat background) but it could be compelling enough to make Toshiba the forerunner in 3D before true 3D content becomes widely available.

2. Zira2 Localized Dimming

Existing TVs with localized dimming – the tech that automatically dims the LEDs lighting dim parts of the screen – already dropped jaws in 2009. According to Toshiba, none of them had more than 96 individually controlled zones of lighting. Cell TV will offer a stunning 512.

3. Wireless HD

Ever tried to snake 25 foot HDMI cables through a wall to make your wall-mounted flat panel HDTV look prim and proper? Not fun. Or practical. The Cell TV will come with a separate sending unit where you can connect your HDMI inputs, to send them wirelessly to the set itself.

4. Cell Processor

A TV with the same processor used in Sony’s PlayStation 3? Yes please. Toshiba’s assertion that it’s 10 times faster than most desktop computers might be a bit of crafty number manipulation, but there’s no denying this thing is a beast compared to the chips humming in most HDTVs: eight cores running at 3.2GHz for 200 gigaflops of computational horsepower.

5. Built-in 1TB Hard Drive

And you thought being able to plug an 8GB thumb drive into a USB port was cool. The 1TB drive in the Cell TV will not only be able to record live TV, it will serve as a home media server for your entire household, letting you watch the same stuff available on your TV from a desktop, laptop or smartphone on the same network.

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