Toshiba LCD TVs Capable of Recording HD

“All four models integrate “meta-brain” Toshiba’s newly developed proprietary system for bringing advanced intelligence to digital TVs. The new line-up will offer two standard 32-inch and 37-inch models (LZ100) and two advanced models with the same screen sizes offering enhanced networking capabilities (LZ150). Toshiba will launch the new TVs to the Japanese market at the beginning of November.

The newly developed “meta-brain” draws on Toshiba’s advanced expertise in system LSI and image processing software to provide the essential platform for Toshiba’s future digital TVs, including improved image quality and enhanced network capabilities. The standard “meta-brain” in the LZ100 LCD TVs integrates a dedicated large scale system LSI for image processing and a 64-bit main CPU, while the advanced version in the LZ150 models also integrates a second 64-bit processor to manage its LAN unit and downloads of high definition video images. This state-of-the-art hardware, combined with advanced, Linux-based image-processing and Toshiba’s proprietary encryption technologies, supports recording of high definition video clips via LAN.

Connected to a LAN-based home network, LZ150 LCD TVs can record high definition video clips to a LAN HDD, record terrestrial analog programs to a LAN HDD or PC, and support e-mail, including an automatic e-mail checking function. This lets users know when they receive mail to their personal e-mail account, and can then display the messages and even open and display attached JPEG files. The e-mail function can also be used to program recordings from outside the home. Another plus offered by the LZ150 series is the ability to record terrestrial analog broadcasts to an SD memory card in the MPEG-4 format.”

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