Toshiba Uses Maxtor HDD’s In Video Recorder

These new offerings come equipped with Maxtor QuickView 80GB, 160GB, and 250GB hard disk drives which are designed specifically for consumer electronics applications and recording devices.

“We are pleased to offer our new HDD & DVD video recorders with Maxtor QuickView CE hard drives,” said Hiroyuki Tokoro, technology executive of Digital AV, Digital Media Network Company atToshiba Corporation. “We rely on Maxtor’s QuickView brand of advanced drives so our customers can experience the very best quality there is to offer in a HDD recorder today.”

“Maxtor continues to be the leading supplier of hard disk drives for consumer electronics products,” according to Mike Paxton, a senior analyst with technology research firm In-Stat/MDR. “TheQuickView consumer hard drive offers a proven storage solution for the latest generation of digital entertainment devices.”

“We are pleased to expand our relationship with Toshiba to include QuickView drives in the new HDD & DVD video recorder series,” said Mike Cordano, executive vice president, worldwide sales andmarketing at Maxtor. “Combined with Maxtor’s industry leadership, strength of MaxLabs