Total DTV sales smash 5M units

CEA’s DTV sales figures represent integrated sets and displays.

CEA reports from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Convention being held this week in Las Vegas, that February unit sales of DTV products reached 241,279 and dollar sales totaled $409,173,189. When combined with DTV sales since product introduction in the fourth quarter of 1998, the February numbers bring the total DTV sales figure to 5,139,775 units and dollar investment in DTV to $9,298,175,695.

Commenting on the sales milestone, CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro said, “The marketplace success of DTV could not be made clearer this week as we discuss progress in the DTV transition here at the NAB convention. Consumers are speaking for the consumer electronics industry and our part in making HDTV a reality.

“The choices available on retail shelves today are impressive to say the least. A sampling of those products is on display here at NAB in the DTV Drafthouse, which we’re proudly producing with the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) and NAB in the Las Vegas Convention Center Central Lobby.

“But in celebrating this new milestone, it also is important to recognize that this momentum can only continue if all related industries and government officials continue to drive the transition forward. First and foremost, broadcasters must commit not only to getting on-air in digital, but to doing so at full power. As CEA has said in many DTV conference sessions this week, only 780 of the 1,304 commercial broadcast stations in the country are on-air in digital.

“We invite the broadcast community to join us in promoting the benefits of over-the-air television to consumers. Current CEA promotional activities include our antenna web program, which helps consumers identify the right type of antenna via an easy to use website, and the, which also allows consumers to identify the available channels and HDTV programming in their area.

“Finally, we need the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to act quickly in adopting the historic ‘plug-and-play’ agreement reached last December between the cable and consumer electronics industries. This agreement will allow the 70 million cable households in the U.S. to partake of this phenomenal HDTV transition.”