Waterfall Audio’s glass Niagara speakers overflow with see-through class

Over the course of the past six decades, we’ve seen speakers that looked like anything from marble-topped end tables, to framed art, among some nuttier designs. It would seem that some folks’ love of listening to music is outweighed only by their distaste for boxy, conventional speaker design. We get it, but in this age of advanced technology, shouldn’t we be able to do a better job of camouflaging a speaker than by making it look like a headless dog?

Thankfully, the French speaker designers at Waterfall Audio have developed a novel approach. Rather than disguise speakers by making them look like something else, Waterfall Audio has set about changing the way conventional speakers are designed and built so that they look less like boxes of wood, and more like pieces of art.

In our video from the Luxury Technology Show in Beverly Hills, we take a close look at how Waterfall Audio overcame the challenges brought about by building a speaker cabinet from glass. The results of years of design work, Waterfall’s speakers cleverly hide away the electronics, cover up the ugly bits, and forego conventional sound damping methods to create a transparent speaker that accents a room by letting its existing decor show through.