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This rugged speaker packs 30 watts of power to rock out in any weather

If you’ve looked around online, you know there’s no shortage of wireless speakers to peruse these days. But the Turcom AcoustoShock 30 watt serves up a whole lot of speaker for your money — both in terms of size and ability.

The speaker is IPX-5 rated so it’s ruggedized against drops, dirt, and dust, and is water-resistant as well. The AcoustoShock 30 watt also packs a hefty 8,000mAh battery that can double to charge your mobile device. This makes the speaker ideal for the outdoors where you’re off the grid — as long as you have room to pack it with you. The speaker also tacks on a convenient handle, which pops out when you need it, and clips right back in when you don’t.

The rugged construction makes this a great speaker for down and dirty locales or those with butterfingers, but this speaker isn’t just about durability. The AcoustoShock’s twin 15W speakers and passive subwoofer are able to pump out some great audio, offering plenty of power and a rich sound signature to match. In fact, the speaker is able to get impressively loud and still sound crystal clear. You will discover a little distortion at maximum volume, but that’s true for a lot of wireless speakers at the Acoustoshock 30 watt’s price point, which currently sits just north of $100 online.

And while it won’t play for days like some Bluetooth bombers out there, battery life for the speaker is also relatively impressive considering its size and power. Turcom claims the AcoustoShock 30 watt will play for 7 hours continuously, and we were able to achieve this time while also topping off a phone. While the AcoustoShock isn’t the easiest to fit in your pack, this is an outstanding ruggedized wireless speaker with great sound and plenty of battery capacity.

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