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Up close with LG’s Music Flow wireless multi-room speaker system

At IFA 2014 today, LG showed Digital Trends its brand new, Sonos-esque Music Flow wireless multi-room speaker system. Shown in a lifestyle setting was the HS6 sound bar with wireless subwoofer, the medium-sized H5 and the bookshelf-friendly H3. Perhaps the only thing more impressive than the sound quality — which we found surprisingly good — was the system’s sleek, metallic look. To be sure, the press images released at the products’ announcement do not do this system justice.

While it seems nearly every manufacturer has been chasing Sonos’ super-popular paradigm, LG does manage to bring one very unique attribute with its system: high-res audio playback capability, which exceeds CD quality by a considerable margin. LG’s system will also work in concert with other LG devices, such as select LG smart phones and smart TVs.

On the other hand, Sonos just announced its systems no longer require the use of a “bridge” unit, which coordinates the speakers over a wireless “mesh network,” whereas the LG Music Flow system does.

Pricing and availability are expected to be announced later today, and we’ll update this article accordingly.

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