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Urbanears’ Plattan 2 upgrades the sound and comfort of their classic headphones

Urbanears’ Plattan headphones have been around a long time, so it’s no surprise that over the years they’ve gone through a number of iterations, but the Plattan 2 are more than the same old headphones with a new name.

While visually similar to their older sibling — with their minimalist, single-tone style — the underside of the Plattan 2’s fabric headband has been replaced with a leather-clad foam cushion, and the earcups now hang on new “3D hinges.”

In our tests we were able to twist, flex, and rotate the cups with ease to find a comfortable fit. The earcups now use a softer foam on the pads for a cushier seal over your ear, which will be a welcome improvement for those who wear glasses. They also provide better sound isolation than the previous model for a better overall listening experience.

The headphones use a fabric-wrapped cord with in-line remote and mic for playback, track navigation, and hands-free calling, but there’s still no shirt clip included to stabilize and help cut down on the cord noise when you touch or brush up against it. The Plattan 2 also carry over the Zoundplug feature, essentially an audio-out port that lets you share your music with a friend or even a whole daisy-chain of Zoundplug-supported headphones.

As for audio quality, the Plattan 2 has a greater frequency response, extending the range on the low end for deeper bass, balancing it up top with bright treble. At moderate listening levels, you’ll find the sound decently clear and clean, however, with the midrange not as well defined, instrumental details get lost and sound can get a bit muddy at higher volumes.

Overall, at the under $50 price point, you won’t find the Plattan 2 lacking in either style or performance. They are available now, at Urbanears’ website, in seven bold colors.

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