USDTV To Team With LG On Digital TV

“USDTV, an over-the-air TV subscription service based in Salt Lake City, will begin including the LG components in set-top-boxes planned for shipments beginning the fourth quarter.”

“LG’s chip advances will make over-the-air digital TV reception easier for millions of viewers, and this is a critical milestone for our company and our broadcast partners,” said Steve Lindsley, chairman and chief executive of U.S. Digital Television Inc., in a statement. “The continued evolution of reception technology, coupled with tremendous improvements in compression and storage, will help broadcasters compete for pay-TV revenues well into the future.”

USDTV has some very tempting HDTV satellite services and a very competitive pricing structure. Unfortunately you can only find their service in a few locations including Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, and Las Vegas.

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