Video: Funny or Die outlines the real victims of Netflix price increase

Netflix Relief FundAre you a Netflix subscriber who will no longer be able to afford eating caviar with your gold-plated flatware due to the recent Netflix price hike? Then you are not alone, and Funny or Die has released a video hoping to raise awareness for the “Netflix relief fund.” While the price increase might be good business that doesn’t mean that it is something Netflix users are looking forward to. The video has Jason Alexander pitching the “Netflix relief fund” and poking fun at the uproar over the streaming video pricing.

Alexander gets choked up at the thought of rich people crying on their MacBook Pro and fancy throw pillows. He even goes as far as stating that the Netflix price increase is the worst thing to happen to white people, ever.  Alexander fights back tears as he tells us the horrifying stories of people who are hurt by the price hike.  One such story is about a lady who is so emotional about the change that she can barely get out of bed, which is forcing her to miss her advanced Pilates classes.

While the video is humorous, it does touch on a few points that have come up recently. With reports that Netflix is now disliked as much as Blockbuster, people are clearly angry over the new pricing.  With the vast majority of new Netflix accounts being streaming only, most new subscribers won’t be effected by the change in pricing structure.  At the end of the clip, there is a slight jab at the paid streaming service in general. A frustrated customer exclaims that she will just torrent instead of being forced to deal with Netflix. Enjoy: