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Vizio unleashes new D-Series TVs with 4K sets as low as $750

With CES 2016 just weeks away, Vizio has unleashed its brand new TV series as something of an early Christmas present. The popular TV maker has sworn off the massive electronics show in Las Vegas, instead choosing to offer its new hotness straight to the people. Called the D-Series, the new TVs encompass a wide range of sizes, from 24 to 70 inches, packing some of  Vizio’s most coveted features and, for the larger models, 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Vizio’s latest series wisely saves 4K Ultra HD for models 40-inches or larger (it’d be nearly impossible for your eyeballs to take advantage of the resolution with anything smaller), but everything from the 28-inch size and above offers Vizio’s Full-Array backlighting. One of the budget TV manufacturer’s signature features, Full-Array backlighting allows for multiple zones of local dimming, which should give these sets a real advantage over edge-lit TVs when it comes to creating rich, convincing contrast.

The new TVs start at impressively low pricing, with the cheapest 24-inch coming in at just $150, and jumping to $170 when loaded with Vizio’s smart TV platform, Vizio Internet Apps Plus. Moving up to more roomy sizes, the 40-inch Smart TV can be grabbed for just $350. Vizio hasn’t yet revealed pricing or arrival dates for the 4K Ultra HD at the 40-inch size, saying only that it’s “coming soon.”

Those hot on 4K Ultra HD this holiday season can get in on the fun for shockingly low pricing in the D-Series, as well, starting with the 50-inch D50u-D1 with Full-Array local backlighting and Vizio’s smart TV platform at just $730. Dropping down that far below the $1,000 line marks something of a milestone for 4K Ultra HD, Vizio or otherwise, so if these TVs offer solid performance, this could be the series to aim for when it comes to high value for your 4K dollar. At the other end of the spectrum, the company is offering a 70-inch whopper for $1,300 — still a pretty impressive price point for that size.

Other features for the D-Series’ 4K Ultra HD models include Vizio’s six-core processor, full access to all of Vizio’s Ultra HD apps (including Vudu, Ultraflix and Netflix), as well as the company’s claimed “ultra-fast” dual band Wi-Fi, and Vizio’s Spatial Scaling upscaling engine to make standard HD content look even better.

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You can check out all of Vizio’s new D-Series TVs, available now at the company’s website, and the series will also be rolling out to Walmart in stores, and online.

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