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Vizio aims to redefine value with its full-array M-Series LED TVs

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Vizio looks primed to make yet another big step this year towards toppling the titans of the HDTV world (namely Samsung and LG), unveiling its spanking new M-Series Full-Array LED TV lineup. The new 1080p HDTV series offers a model size for every occasion, big upgrades to Vizio’s display technology, a slimmer design, and new features like a remote with a full QWERTY keyboard. And based on our experience with the new line at CES 2014, we think Vizio may be on the verge of a record-breaking year. 

Display upgrades

Perhaps the biggest new feature, or at least the one we’re most excited about, is the upgrade in available active backlighting zones for the new M-Series. Claiming to double the previous available number for up to 36 active LED zones, Vizio describes its new design as “a milestone in picture quality for mainstream consumers.” Put into more tangible terms, the more active backlight zones an LED display incorporates, the more nimble the TV can be when reacting to deep contrasts between light and dark images such as, say, a luminous planet glowing in the deep black of space.

In addition, the new displays incorporate Vizio’s Active Pixel Tuning, which is designed to “further increase contrast and picture detail accuracy,” as well as Vizio’s Clear Action Rate 720, which the company claims will allow for enhanced motion performance.

Smart TV

Like the previous M-Series, the new TVs also offer Wi-Fi, paired with the Vizio Internet Apps Plus smart TV platform, which is packed with a full suite of video apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, and Youtube, as well as music streaming apps like iHeartRadio, and the latest addition, Spotify. Vizio also claims the platform is setup to work seamlessly with your tablet or smartphone, allowing “supported apps like Netflix and Youtube” to be launched from your mobile device.

New design and features

While Vizio has garnered a reputation for its ability to pack a wallop of value into its TVs, we’ve always felt their aesthetics have lagged just a bit behind the competition. Vizio aims to change that, enhancing its new models with ultra slim 8mm bezels wrapped in a metallic finish. And at .3-inches thick, the new frames shave off 20 percent from last years lineup.

Finally, the new TVs are paired with a full backlit smart remote, which incorporates a full QWERTY keyboard, allowing a much more intuitive experience for surfing the Web from your big screen, as well as alleviating the headaches of those labored app log-ins.

A breakdown of the full lineup with suggested retail pricing is listed below. (Note: the number directly following the ‘M’ indicates the model size)

M322i-B1 $330
M422i-B1 $530
M492i-B2 $700
M502i-B1 $700
M552i-B2 $900
M602i-B3 $1,250
M652i-B2 $1,500
M702i-B3 $1,900
M801i-A3 $3,200

The new models are rolling out nationwide to major electronics stores now. With sizes running from 32-inches to the full 80-inch monster, Vizio’s new M-Series aims to fit the bill for virtually any home theater. We’ll likely find out more about each individual model as the series continues to roll out, as well as pulling in a new M-Series for ourselves for a full review, so stay tuned.

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